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Dear user:

Before using our website, it is important that you know its terms and conditions, as well as its privacy policy, to know the rights that you have as a User, therefore, you are requested to read both documents carefully.

The terms and conditions may change, so if this happens you will receive an alert or notification through your email, if you have provided it.

If you have accepted a previous version of the terms and conditions, and do not agree to the modifications, you may notify LAS MEZCAS SA de CV of your refusal through the site www.lasmezcas.com email ventas@lasmezcas.com.

Likewise, the continued use of the platform and the services associated with it is understood as consent to the modifications of the terms and conditions by the Users.

LAS MEZCAS SA de CV reserves the right to offer the goods on its Website, until the User accepts these general terms and conditions of use.

LAST UPDATE: January 15, 2020


This contract expresses the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the services provided by LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV and the use of the website http://www.lasmezcas.com, as well as the associated websites for its Users.

Users of the Website accept and are subject to the terms and conditions that are incorporated into this document. If the user represents any legal entity, it will be understood that the organization accepts the terms and conditions established herein.

Any person or organization that does not agree with the terms and conditions expressed here, which are mandatory and binding, will not be able to use the marketing services provided by LAS MEZCAS SA de CV through the Website www.lasmezcas. .com.

LAS MEZCAS SA de CV assumes that the user is aware of the legal capacity with which it is held. If there are users with legal or judicial incapacity, it will be understood that at the time of accepting the terms and conditions of this contract they were authorized by their legal representative, the latter being responsible for any conduct of their client.


http:// www.lasmezcas.com is a Website owned by LAS MEZCAS SA de CV, a company registered under Mexican laws, whose address is located at:

Everest Street

Number seven hundred nine, floor one

Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, First Section,

Miguel Hidalgo Demarcation

Mexico City

Therefore, the use of its website is subject to the laws and authorities of the United Mexican States.


By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that the offer of goods, unless otherwise agreed, is for the exclusive use of the user registered on the website www.lasmezcas.com and no other person, company or entity, accepting that by carrying A purchasing process has directly confirmed and consented to their purchase.

Las Mezcas SA de CV, through its website, offers goods so that users can purchase its products for a minimum purchase of 250 MXN. The above requires, due to the conditions of the products offered, that users register and fill out the form. form with sensitive data in accordance with these terms and conditions, which requires the user to accept it in order to make purchases on the website and which takes its acceptance as the most effective consent that corresponds by law.


This Website must be used personally, only by adults, or of legal age for the legal purchase and consumption of alcohol in their country in accordance with the provisions of Mexican laws and/or their country of residence. who must necessarily have a registration on the platform.

Each user may only be the owner of 1 (one) account on the site www.lasmezcas.com and may not access more than 1 (one) account on the website with different email addresses or by falsifying, modifying and/or altering their personal data in any way possible.

If fraudulent and/or malicious use and/or contrary to these Terms and Conditions is verified or suspected, www.lasmezcas.com will have the right to terminate the account and the relationship, cancel the accounts and even collaborate with the administrative or jurisdictional authorities for the prosecution of possible offenders.

Registration on the platform presumes the user's consent and finally you must fill out a form that can collect the following information:

  • HOME:
  • EMAIL:
  • TAX DATA (in case receipts are required)

The User authorizes LAS MEZCAS SA de CV to use their personal data to carry out verification queries, including the user authorizing the System Administrator to share the personal data with other databases necessary to carry out the verification of their personal data.

The use of this platform by minors without supervision of the registered user is strictly prohibited. Likewise, use by third parties other than the account or similar is prohibited.

The user acknowledges that any damage, loss or legal consequence, derived from the transgression of these regulations, is the responsibility of the User of the platform and releases LAS MEZCAS SA de CV from any claim of a civil, criminal, administrative or any type nature.

Likewise, the user is reminded that the use of this platform for illegal purposes, in violation of the law or the terms and conditions, will be subject to legal liability and the corresponding authorities will be immediately notified.

LAS MEZCAS SA de CV is not responsible if the device you use to access the Website is not compatible and/or is no longer compatible with the Website.

The use of this Website may be conditioned by other platforms developed by third parties, such as iOS, Android or similar that are independent of this contract, and to which there is no direct relationship in the terms of this contract and which are consultable in the intellectual property notice.

LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV undertakes to make its best efforts to keep the Website in service, as well as to provide regular maintenance to it, in order to provide the user with fast, safe and simple navigation. Therefore, it will make its best efforts so that the maintenance services required by the Website are carried out at times that cause the least possible impact on navigation; In the event that maintenance is scheduled, LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV is obliged to notify users in advance through this means; However, in the event that maintenance must be carried out in an extraordinary manner, the user acknowledges that LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV will not be responsible for access interruptions generated on the Website.

The user acknowledges that LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV will not be responsible for any damage, loss or loss caused by failures in the system, the server or the Internet connection. LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV will also not be responsible for any virus, malware, badware, malignant code, malicious software, malicious software that could affect, damage, misconfigure, eliminate any type of information or software, among others and/or infect the equipment of the users. users as a result of accessing, using or examining its website.

The user may not hold any responsibility or demand payment for damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or the Internet. LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV cannot guarantee continued or uninterrupted access and use of the Website. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or due to any other circumstance beyond the control of LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV; In such cases, efforts will be made to restore it as quickly as possible without any type of liability being attributed to it.

The User can consult these terms and conditions at any time on the website www.lasmezcas.com

Exchange and Return Policy

Purchases made at www.lasmezcas.com are NOT eligible for exchanges or returns in establishments that sell the products, as they are exclusive to purchases through this website.

Returns and/or exchanges of items purchased on the site www.lasmezcas.com are accepted within 3 (three) calendar days from the day the product is received.

We do not make changes, substitutions or exchanges of items purchased online, unless the material return and delivery of the products is made and a new purchase order is made with the products that are required.

Refunds will be made according to the payment method used, and the refund time will depend on the payment method chosen and cannot be longer than 60 (sixty) business days.

For the return policies to be applied, the merchandise must be returned unopened, with the labels in place and must be accompanied by customs documents (if applicable), and must be in good condition.

How to make returns?

To make returns, a written document must be included expressing the reason for the return so that it can be processed. Please indicate the items you are returning in this document.

Package and seal your merchandise securely (preferably in the original package). You must pay the costs of shipping the package to the company's address. Please note that the return is not pre-paid, therefore you will be responsible for the shipping cost. Shipping costs are not refundable by the company.

Send the package to: Las Mezcas SA de CV, Monte Everest 709, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, CP 11000, CDMX

The refund time will be 60 days from the shipping date and three billing periods for the credit to appear on your statement.

Incorrect items or items with possible defects.

Any item that allegedly contains defects or products that are different from the original order can be returned or exchanged within the first 5 (five) days of receiving the item.

Any item presumed to be defective is subject to inspection by the company, so it is not possible to guarantee a refund for this item.

If the refund is found to be inadmissible, Las Mezcas SA de CV will notify you as soon as this verification has been carried out and within a period of no more than 30 (thirty) business days.


Occasionally, there will be various offers, promotions and/or discounts available to the user on the Website. The operations or transactions derived from said promotions or discounts will be subject to the specific terms, conditions and validity that are issued for each case on the Website.

Regardless of the above, the promotions or discounts that LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV issues on the Website will be subject at all times to the following conditions:

Whenever the promotion requires it, the user must prove to LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV that they have the codes, keys and/or coupons necessary to make the corresponding promotion valid; and

In the event that any promotion covers products or services marketed by third parties other than LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV, it will be understood that it has carried out corresponding agreements with the corresponding legal entities and transfers its responsibility to them;


Users may obtain tax receipts for the service through the billing Website, by entering the website, for which they must provide the tax data of the company name or their taxpayer registration as natural and/or legal persons.

To process any clarification, return, exchange or request billing for your order, the user must contact LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV through the means of communication indicated in the previous section.

LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV reserves from this moment the right to pursue before the corresponding authority any fraudulent conduct displayed by the user.


The source code, programs, databases, files and, in general, all those functionalities that make up the Website are protected by copyright (whose owner is LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV), as well as by related legal institutions that allow the accumulated protection, therefore, LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV is fully empowered to request that sanctions be imposed on those people who (i) make partial or total copies of the Website without the corresponding authorization or license, (ii) create derivative versions of the Website. Website (iii) translate the content of the Website into another language; (iv) use the Website to develop any software or other materials based on it; (v) carry out conduct sanctioned by the Federal Copyright Law and its regulations, as well as by related national and international provisions. Any person who is caught carrying out conduct that violates the intellectual property rights of LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV will be sanctioned in terms of intellectual property legislation, without prejudice to the actions that may be taken by criminal or civil means.

Likewise, unauthorized exploitation of industrial property rights that appear on the Website is prohibited, such as registered trademarks or those in the process of registration, commercial notices, domain names and other legal institutions related to industrial property. LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV has exclusive rights over some brands and logos contained on the Website. Likewise, LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV has the authorization to reproduce the brands and logos of third parties that are included in it for promotional or informational purposes.

In the event that a visitor or user considers that their intellectual or industrial property rights are being violated by the files, published or stored materials, or by any functionality of the Website, they must expressly request the cessation of the conduct considered violative. of its intellectual or industrial property rights. The request must be sent through any of the means of communication indicated in this document. The requests in question will not be considered as reliable evidence of the alleged violation of intellectual or industrial property rights.


The personal data that Users provide is protected by the Law on Protection of Data Held by Private Parties. To know this information in detail, you can consult the privacy notice available on the Website.

The information and personal data made available to LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV are included in a database and electronic information, which is used for the classification, use, safeguard and protection of personal data of individuals and legal entities linked to LAS. MEZCAS SA DE CV

The procedure for exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO rights) is established in the privacy notice of LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV

Likewise, if you make sensitive personal data available to LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV, you must complete the form to collect personal data available to LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV. In case of omission of the above, the declaration of agreement in section corresponding to the filling out of forms or information on the site will constitute an unequivocal sign of your consent to the processing of data that have this nature.


LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV will at all times take all measures at its disposal to guarantee the security of the information shared through the Website, as well as the operations or transactions carried out through it. By way of example but not limitation, it is noted that the Website has current security certificates.


LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV It is a digital platform and is not responsible for the vehicles that the user rents or uses for consultation. Likewise, it is not responsible in any of the following cases:

  • The inability to access the platform due to lack of mobile phone data, network signal, Wi-Fi or similar, since they depend on an external provider.
  • Lack of accessibility to the means of updating the Website.
  • Viruses or malware that affect the normal use of the platform.
  • Failures in the electrical service that prevent the use of the platform.


LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV will make notifications to the User; through one or any of the means listed below:

  • Through the Website.
  • Email.
  • SMS

Likewise, the user may contact the Las Mezcas SA de CV service center through the Website or the telephone numbers published on the website.

In the event that the user is not satisfied with the way in which the goods are offered, they may contact the System Administrator's staff, who may offer assistance through the telephone numbers that for this purpose are published from time to time on the Website. or on the Website.


Users may not partially or totally assign their rights and obligations contained in the terms and conditions of the service without the express consent of an authorized representative of LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV

LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV may transfer the information and the platform that comprises this service, without the need to obtain prior consent from the user, in accordance with its privacy policy.

It will not be considered a transfer of information or service, when there is a requirement by a government authority, to provide information about one or more of its Users, provided that there is legal notification of said requirement.


If any provision of this Agreement is prohibited by any applicable law or is declared void or unenforceable in the jurisdiction of Mexico City by commercial means, said provision will be considered void to the extent that it is prohibited or unenforceable but will not affect , will modify or give rise to the nullity of the rest of the provisions of this Agreement or the enforceability of the same.


This Agreement, together with the forms contained on the Website, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the matters set forth herein and renders void any written or verbal contract entered into by the parties independently of or in violation of this document. .


Any controversy between users and the platform must be subject to the latest version of the terms and conditions published.

These terms and conditions of use and the legal relationship between Las Mezcas SA de CV and its users will be governed and interpreted exclusively in accordance with the local laws and courts of Mexico City in commercial channels, and cannot be extended for any reason. .


For any questions or comments in relation to these terms and conditions, LAS MEZCAS SA DE CV makes available to you through the Website and this document, the contact information where you can clarify your doubts and present your comments, either through electronic means, or in person.

Having read the above, the User expresses his agreement and consent.