Seis grandes razones para no perderse a Marcel Duchamp en México

Six great reasons not to miss Marcel Duchamp in Mexico

Naked Appearance: Desire and the Object in the Work of Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons, is the name of an excellent exhibition currently on show at the Jumex Museum until 29 September 2019.

... and #LasMezcas, we would like to share with you six reasons why we believe that no one should miss this unique opportunity.

A total of 70 works by the emblematic French artist Marcel Duchamp.

Yes, seventy! And among them is his complete series of ready-mades from 1964, including 'Bicycle Wheel', 'Bottle Rack' and 'Fountain'.

With works by British artist Jeff Koons also included

As the title suggests, you can also see a selection of the American artist Jeff Koons' most famous series such as "The New", "Banality", "Made in Heaven", "Celebration", "Antiquity" and works such as "Rabbit", "Balloon Dog", "Moon, Play-Doh" and "Hulk".

Because the spirit of the exhibition is visionary

The proposal draws a parallel between the works of Duchamp and Koons - two of the most influential artists of the 20th century - to address key concepts about objects, commodities and the relationship of the artist to society, and is conceived as a music box or ballet mécanique that confronts the viewer with frequent juxtapositions between the miniature and the monumental, the original and the copy.

Because the concept is unprecedented

This is the first major exhibition to directly examine Marcel Duchamp's influence on Jeff Koons and Koons' interpretation of Duchamp's work. In addition to analysing the relationship between the Readymade and consumer culture, the exhibition shows how the work of Duchamp and Koons is similarly drawn to the enigmas of invisibility and transparency, secrecy and revelation.

Because loans for this show are invaluable

The exhibition includes loans from over 30 collections, including Astrup Fearnley Museum; The Broad Art Foundation; Berardo Collection Museum; Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea or The Israel Museum, among others.

Because art + culture = a good time

Art and culture not only nourish us, but also entertain us.


Mixer advice

Leaving the fair and sitting down with friends to talk about it is an activity that can be perfectly combined with any of the Las Mezcas promotions that you can get from our online shop (with home delivery).

Like this one from #Mezcayá

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