¡Salvemos a los océanos con Las Mezcas!

Let's save the oceans with Las Mezcas!


On Saturday, June 8, the

World Oceans Day.


The date, officially recognised by the United Nations in December 2008, reminds us of the importance of the oceans in our lives: to start with, they are our lungs! They provide most of the oxygen we breathe. And that together we can save them.

We know this: in general, we are told that "we have to save the oceans" and we start thinking of great actions that are impossible or almost impossible to carry out.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

That is why Las Mezcas is proposing today a series of actions that we can all take (alone or, better still, in a group) to save our marine lungs.
To start...

What if we make the effort to no longer drink from plastic bottles?

The global plastic recycling rate is still less than 25%, which means that most of our plastic waste ends up in our oceans.
It takes about 450 years for just one of the bottles or glasses we usually throw away to decompose naturally.

Have you seen how beautiful our bottles are?

(A little, right?)

You can turn them into water bottles!

to cool in our refrigerators!

Two ideas for neutralising the odour before turning them into water jugs:

Idea 1
Pour a handful of rice into the bottle (empty, of course) and fill it up with water. Let's leave it for a while. Let's shake it well. Let's repeat the process as often as we like.

Idea 2
We could also try half filling it with vinegar, adding a handful of coarse salt and topping up with water. Leave to rest overnight. Shake well the next day. Repeat the process as often as you like.

Do you have any other ideas for neutralising the smell of a bottle? Share them with us and the world on social media using the hashtag #LasMezcas!

Invent a cool vase by #LasMezcas


"A rose is a rose"*, as the song goes. And it's even nicer when it's in an empty bottle of #LasMezcas.

(*) Note: it can be the flower of your choice.

We could build fancy glasses

with #LasMezcas

We would like to teach you how to cut a bottle with thread and fire, but we are a bit scared.
The best thing to do is to go to a good professional cutter and ask them to cut our bottles to the height we want (because we can choose between long and short glasses).


There are other things we can do to save our oceans.

For example:
If we eat fish, we can make every effort to eat fish that are not on the list of endangered or closed species, and we can favour artisanal fishing or fishing that uses the least destructive methods.
We could also stop using straws.
Do we choose and support an NGO that works to improve the environment?

Do you have any other ideas to help save the oceans?
Don't hesitate to share them on social media (and don't forget to use the hashtag #LasMezcas)!


Less ego, more mezcas.

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