Reciclando vidrio con Las Mezcas: haciendo posible la sostenibilidad

Recycling glass with Las Mezcas: making sustainability possible

Although glass is not a particularly polluting material due to its natural origin, the production of glass containers can have an impact on the environment, which calls for us to reuse resources in order to save it.
Think mixed: think sustainable.

Las Mezcas offers you several ideas for recycling our bottles!



Have you seen how (*cough cough*... let's show them off...) beautiful our bottles are?
Did you know that you can turn them into...?


With a light bulb and a switch you can build a lamp like any of these: 25 lamps created from glass bottles.


They can choose to reuse the #LasMezcas bottles with our original designs or use their artistic talents to paint them and add a personal touch. Check out these 20 vases made with glass bottles .


Las Mezcas and art united

for the emergency of our Oceans



With this option, you can look for a candle that fits into the hole of the bottle, or just glue the bottle cap to it to place a short candle, or even cut the bottle (note that there are already many kits on the market that allow us to cut them, and certainly we can do it ourselves) to create a candle holder of the desired size, such as these original candle holders made from glass bottles .


Recycling material

If you are in the CDMX, you can also take your glass bottles to a collection centre.

Here we share some


San Pedro De Los Pinos:

Av. 1° de Mayo 145, esq. 4th street, col. San Pedro de los Pinos, alc. Benito Juarez. Tel. 5661 1776 and 5661 4985.

Valley Colony:

Pillars 129, col. from the valley. Tel. 5559 8812.


Martyrs of Tacubaya 5, col. Tacubaya. Tel. 5271 6001.

Walmart Taxqueña:

Glorieta av. University and Miguel Ángel de Quevedo.

Superama Azcapotzalco:

Calzada de la Naranja 47, col. Santiago Ahizotla. Tel. 5358 4459.



Col. Santa Isabel Industrial, alc. Iztapalapa. Tel. 2608 7760



Felipe Ángeles No. 1, Ext. 1, col. San Juan Aragón, alc. Gustavo A. Madero. Tel. 5760 7963


Do they live in other areas of the Mexican Republic?

You can consult this Directory of Collection Centers for Waste Materials in Mexico

Council of the Mezcador

Recycle glass helps to rationalize the consumption of natural resources.

Less ego, more awareness

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