Mezcaweek: cómo convertirte en el/la mejor bartender (¡en casa!) en cinco pasos con #LasMezcas

Mezcaweek: How to become the best bartender (at home!) in five steps with #LasMezcas

Do you love house parties? So do we!

Whether it is a pre-drinking session or an evening to live from start to finish in home sweet home mode, Las Mezcas wants to be with you so that you always look your best.

Therefore, in this new edition of Mezcaweek, we will teach you how to make a great cocktail that tastes, smells, looks and feels like "hello, summer!" and that will make you look like the best bartender of your friends.

*Insert intro music*
With you, our (and now your!) new cocktail: The Mezcarita, a 100% all-natural margarita that celebrates the most vibrant, colourful, friendly and party-loving Mexican spirit.

Step 1
Gather your friends. The reason? Good mixers always have an excuse: it could be a marathon of our favourite TV series, the summer atmosphere that is already infiltrating our bodies, or a board game in which, instead of chips, cards or pawns, each player has to bring home one of the ingredients of the Mezcarita...

Step 2
...which we show you here to help you make your list:

Mezcamaica and ice
(in quantities to suit your taste... Of course: everything is measured)
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Watermelon water
Did you know that watermelon contains nutrients such as vitamins A/B/C, potassium and lycopene, a pigment that not only gives the fruit its red colour, but also has antioxidant properties that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer?
Pineapple juice
Ancho chili liqueur
The fresh ancho chilli is the poblano chilli itself (which is not the same as the mulato chilli). Six of its benefits are: it helps digestion, reduces cholesterol, prevents flu, is an anti-cancer antioxidant, is anti-inflammatory and can relieve pain caused by arthritis.
Diamond syrup
Lemon juice
hibiscus salt

Step 3

Put all the ingredients (except the hibiscus salt!) in a blender, starting with the ice.

Step 4

Voila! Serve in tall glasses with hibiscus salt on the rim.
*Insert applause*

Step 5

Toast your friends and humbly (wink-wink) accept their praise.

We are the mixes, we are the flavour. Join our social experiences through our ready-to-drink beverages.

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