Mezcaweek 3.1 | Lo que no sabías sobre el #Orgullo

Mezcaweek 3.1 | What you didn't know about #Pride

Every June, the world is filled with colour and a clear message is more present than ever in the atmosphere: inclusion and diversity.

It's LGBTI Pride month and #LasMezcas wants to share with you some facts that you might not have known.

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What are we celebrating when we celebrate #Pride?

On 28 June 1969, a violent raid to arrest homosexuals took place at the Stonewall Inn gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York.

This led to a series of demonstrations: it was the first time that the LGBTI community in the United States had so forcefully challenged the state to discriminate against and persecute its members.

What does the acronym LGBTI stand for?
L: Lesbians
G: Gays
B: Bisexual
T: Transgender
I: Intersex

What do the colors of the LGBTI flag mean?

The LBGTI flag was created by the community's rights activist, Gilbert Baker, and became popular around 1978.
Gilbert, who died in 2017, was inspired by the theme "Over the rainbow" from the film The Wizard of Oz, explaining that "the rainbow is perfect because it fits our diversity in terms of race, age and gender".
Initially there were eight colours: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, dark blue and purple. They represented: sexuality, life, health, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit.
Since 1979 the colours have been reduced to six.

Meet 10 celebrities who are LGBTI icons

Public support has always been important in the fight against prejudice.
Did you know that these media personalities are LGBTI activists?

Sarah Paulson (you probably know her from American Horror Story); Ellen Page (the famous "Juno"); Ellen DeGeneres (need an introduction?), Neil Patrick Harris (yes, the same one from How I Meet Your Mother); Gillian Andersen (the eternal Scully, now breaking it in Sex Education); Michelle Rodriguez; Zachary Fifth; Ricky Martin; Elton John; Laverne Cox.

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