Mezcaweek 2 | Organic Twist, ven a mí

Mezcaweek 2 | Organic Twist, come to me

Get the jar of rosemary from the spice cupboard!
Let's mark our mothers! (...fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers...)
Please share a little of your jar of rosemary.
Let everyone know that this week we are bringing you another great cocktail, straight from our laboratory of creative mixers.

#Las Mezcas presents the Organic Twist.

WAIT . Before we tell you how to cook it, would you like to know a little more about this spice?
Here we go:
Although it can be found almost everywhere in the world - its global spread would have begun more or less in the 19th century - rosemary was first known mainly in North Africa and southern Europe.
It was a very important plant for the Greeks, who believed it to have memory enhancing and aphrodisiac properties, and was therefore dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
The Romans went a little further and were among the first to discover its medicinal value.
Today we know that some of its properties are: it helps against alopecia, anaemia, depression, intestinal disorders, exhaustion; it relieves headaches, circulatory disorders; it stimulates the nervous system, memory and learning.

Isn't it a great herb?

Now close your eyes and imagine it combined with Mezcarindo.

Yeeeeees, we all wanted it.

We already shared the recipe with you.

Ingredients (in proportions to your liking)


(which you can get in our online store or, well, one near you )

Natural syrup for cocktails

(available, for example, on Amazon: )

Lemon juice

Orange juice


Chili powder (your favorite)



Frost a tall glass with chilli powder to the rhythm of your favourite music.
Fill it with ice and add all the ingredients.

Done! Enjoy this delicious cocktail with friends, your partner or your family.
About the music: You can keep listening to the same music you started with or you can try new artists.

We are Las Mezcas, we are flavor.

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