Mezcaweek 2.1 | Con Las Mezcas y Pixza: solidaridad y orgullo 100% mexicanos

Mezcaweek 2.1 | With Las Mezcas and Pixza: 100% Mexican solidarity and pride

Think “Mezca”:

think Mexican and supportive

Imagine living in a world where you can: taste 100% Mexican and organic ingredients, have a great time, help young people in situations of social abandonment and build a much better future for them and for everyone.

More than a dream, it is possible.

Mix with Las Mezcas , eat Pixza

and change the world!

In addition to our online store and in stores near you , if you are in Mexico City you can find #LasMezcas on Pixza .
pi XZ a? Yes, with an "x", with a single "z" and, even better, with blue corn.
This Mexican company proposes in its pixzas an original dough made with blue corn and completely national ingredients (like ours!).
The best thing is that for every five slices, one will go to a person in a situation of social abandonment: young people between 18 and 25 years of age who suffer from family abandonment, lack of education and more.
What is more, the lucky buyer of this fifth slice can even send a message to the person who will receive the free Pixza. Isn't it beautiful?
Next time you go out or visit the city, you already know where to go 😉👌.
Do you want more information? Visit the Pixza website .

We are the mixes, we are flavor.

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