Mezcamaicas a 2x1 en Pixza

Mezcamaicas at 2x1 in Pixza

Did you know you can find us on Pixza?

Do you know Pixza?

It is our favourite place for our public to get Mezcamaica and enjoy delicious pizzas or (Pixzas) with a 100% Mexican style. Ingredients that represent our country and culture all over the world. Just imagine: Blue corn Pixza with grasshoppers. Delicious!

Best of all, the Pixza project is a proposal for social empowerment. It's a movement where everyone gives and everyone gets. Every slice you order from a Pixza restaurant empowers, feeds, recognises and cares for Mexicans in need. The more you enjoy a unique and special taste, the more Mexicans Pixza can help. Just saying that makes us feel good.

We are proud to support Pixza's mission with our delicious drinks made with Mezcal Espadín, Jamaica and sweetened with agave honey. Your favourite: Mezcamaica. You can also try our stronger version, with tamarind.

To celebrate this union, during the month of October we have a unique promotion for you:

If you go to Pixza, either the Roma Sur or Zona Rosa store (see below for directions), you'll be able to buy our bottles in 2x1 packs. The deal is that you drink one in the store and the second one at home.

Want to miss out? If you're wondering where to go in CDMX, this is the best option.

Pixza Zona Rosa:

Liverpool 162 B, Colonia Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc.
México D.F., México C.P 06700

Phone: (55) 5207-0287

Pixza Roma Sur:

Córdoba 234, Colonia Roma Norte, Delegation of Cuauhtémoc
Mexico D.F., Mexico C.P 06600

Phone: (55) 2121-0973
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