Mezcamaica te regala un videoclip para tu banda o proyecto musical

Mezcamaica gives you the gift of a video clip for your band or music project.


Send us a video of your band or music project exclusively on @Mezcamaica's Instagram by sending us a private message telling us about your project and what you do. The more information, songs or creative ways to showcase your talent, the more chances you have to win a video clip produced by Mezcamaica.

Now it's time for you to take the next step. In partnership with creative content producers, we will support singers, guitarists, DJ's, saxophonists, keyboardists, dancers, drummers. Anyone who is working on breaking the stage and sharing with the audience.

In Mezcamaica we love good times, culture and creation, that's why we want to close the year supporting the talent that is in our country and looking for many people to enjoy unique sounds and good drinks.

Don't forget to try our delicious drinks made with Mezcal Espadín, Jamaica and Miel de Agave.

Important: We will only consider as participants those who send us information via private message on Instagram.

This project is in collaboration with Pop Société and Sneaky Music .

In the photo, one of our favorite artists: Corina Lawrence .

Unique bases and conditions:

All members of the project must be of legal age.

We will only review the content we receive via private Instagram message here @Mezcamaica.

The deadline is November 23, 2018.

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