Las mujeres protagonizaron la primera Conexión Las Mezcas

Women were the protagonists of the first Las Mezcas Connection

Artists, communicators, businesswomen, allies of sustainable living, barmaids or illustrators: these are the women who participated in the first series of Conexión Las Mezcas.
Our connections are born to share with the world the spirit of Las Mezcas: betting on a better possible future. We invite you to discover this first experience.
(All photos taken by MISTER)
Ditilenko - Independent Music

Ditilenko is one of the most promising young talents on the Mexican scene. He first won the Transfusion al Rock competition. Then she was invited to the prestigious composition workshop of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico.

"I believe in sisterhood. In fact, in the field of music, we have organised among many colleagues to achieve more visibility for women on the national scene".

Majo Ballesteros – Media Entrepreneur

Majo is in charge of the independent radio station Bizarro FM and is convinced that the common good is always the right path and that teamwork is the key.
"The solidarity of women in entrepreneurial and independent spaces is essential to achieve equal opportunities. Every woman in a decision-making position who chooses to recommend, promote or help another woman has an enormous impact on the industries, but above all creates a moral learning among women that easily goes 'viral'. There is change, in kindness and gratitude. A message from women to the world".

Maze Berod - Spiritual Tattoo Artist

Maze is a spiritual handmade artist, an art she practises on the premise that we can heal and change the world through an encounter with our own being.

"I think it is very important that women are supported today to create a more united community. Everyone has an important contribution to make to the world, and if we unite each proposal, a real change can be made in humanity, generating an impact that is beneficial for all beings, for our Mother Earth".

Bien Chicles - Spreaders of culture

Fernanda González, Azul Ramos and Michelle Hallat are Bien Chicles, a company created to meet a basic need of the artistic and cultural community: to have a platform with clear structures to disseminate their projects. They know the power of conversation and - knowing that it happens offline as well as online - they are in charge of spreading the word.

"Women have only had a few years of decision-making and ownership of our own projects. We are beginning to understand and build our own ways of doing business and alliances; these new ways of doing things need to be listened to".

Piba Cantina - Barmaid

Bianca Bertoli is a well-known mixologist and bartender, winner of the El Gran Bartende r programme, currently working at CDMX,
"It's important to highlight the projects or jobs where women stand out - and also those where they don't - so that inequality can be clearly seen and corrected".

Camila de la Fuente - Social illustrator

Camila is dedicated to social illustration. He has chosen drawing as a tool for free expression and denunciation. His work has been published in prestigious Mexican media such as El Universal and Rolling Stone Magazine.

"I think it is important that women are made visible because it allows us to understand the importance of their role in projects and jobs. It encourages girls and young people to feel inspired and to dream big. It also makes it clear to men that we are all key elements in social and labour growth.

Pau Zorrilla - Sustainability

Pau promotes organic farming and sustainability through the creation of urban gardens, workshops, landscaping projects and pest control through Opus Terra, Padre Huerto, Flor y Terra and Plaga Terra.
"I think it is important and necessary to highlight the role of women, because we are an important part of society. We are a reference and an example for many people around us. "We are creative, enterprising and loving.

Silvana Becerra Tavano - Ectagono

Silvana is Director of Communications at Ectagono, a company dedicated to sustainable living and business growth.
"At Ectagono we are mostly women and every day we show what we are capable of when we support each other. Solidarity between women comes from recognising a good project, an idea that deserves more attention, a discourse that can go further and help spread it.

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