Las Mezcas y el arte unidos por la emergencia de nuestros océanos

Las Mezcas and art united by the emergence of our oceans

Think Las Mezcas,

think a better world

Did you know that Las Mezcas has teamed up with the Tlatoa and Mares Collective from Mexico to warn of the state of the oceans?
Artists from the collective will participate in several bottles of #LasMezcas: Each work of art will also show us what is happening to our oceans and how to correct the damage they are suffering (for which, yes, we, humans, are responsible).

The #Mezcayá bottle you see above was the intervention of Mexican artist Yazmín De la Rosa, and her story (which you can read here) draws attention to sargassum in the Mexican Caribbean.

The other, from #Mezcarindo, was the intervention of French artist Caphar and its theme (which you can read about here) is the Dead Zone of the Gulf of Mexico.

Magic is possible: we can have a good time and help save our ecosystems.

Would you like to join Las Mezcas
in this initiative?

1.- Stay tuned to our networks.
2.- On each campaign post: like and comment (or show us!), using the hashtag #LasMezcas, your best ideas for recycling our bottles.
3.- The best suggestions will be entered to win a prize... which we will announce on our networks in due course.


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