Las Mezcas y Cíclica te invitamos a vivir una CDMX más limpia y sustentable

Las Mezcas and Cíclica invite you to live a cleaner and more sustainable CDMX

A clean and sustainable CDMX?

Let's make it possible!

Las Mezcas and Cíclica: united by all.


If we Mezcadores know anything, it's how to have a good time and where to go in our city... but have you ever had to face the morning after a great night out in our beloved metropolis?
If not, you can't imagine! That is why it is necessary to extend our spirit of mixing: of awareness and sustainability.

Our friends at Cíclica - an environmental education clinic for a sustainable future - invited us to promote their city cleaning activities.

Of course, we say yes!

...And we go further: we come together to participate.

Do you also want to join?

Here we tell you how:

The day: Saturday, September 28.

The time: 8 AM.

The meeting point: Plaza Condesa.

We all do more if we all do a little.

#LasMezcas. Less ego, more awareness.

To keep up to date with this powerful experience for our city, pay attention to our networks:


Have you seen what you can do with our bottles?


Look how we reused this one as a vase!

If you can think of other ways to reuse, we invite you to share them on networks with the hashtag #LasMezcas .



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