Las Mezcas en la caminata a Valle de Bravo 🗻⛰

Las Mezcas on the hike to Valle de Bravo 🗻⛰

Have you ever spent a weekend hiking in the mountains?

As the creators of a natural and 100% organic product, we love to live surrounded by nature and experience its richness.

We tell you the plan. You get up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday, put on your best mountain gear, waterproofs, a windbreaker, a hat, a scarf and, above all, a good pair of walking boots. If you want to survive and enjoy, don't wear sneakers, it's a recommendation and an experience of the house 😉.

The meeting point is in Santa Fe, to get into a minibus and arrive at the entrance of the mountain on the free road to Valle de Bravo.

You'll breathe fresh air, you'll get tired, but you won't be able to stop. Especially those of us who live in Mexico City (one of the biggest and most incredible cities in the world) know what it means to feel the freedom to breathe. The sound of the animals, the greenery, the landscape, everything is perfect.

On Saturday you will arrive at the halfway point and sleep in cabins by a lake. If you like good food, you can enjoy a classic Mexican fish dish or Mojo de Ajo, freshly caught and of course organic ❤️.

On Sunday, you still have half the way to explore and enjoy. Your legs will hurt, but you will never doubt that it was worth it.

These are some of the pictures we took with a drone, we hope you enjoy them. Watch the video.







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