Las Mezcas Meets Las Nubes de Hobox - Menos Ego, Más Playa

Las Mezcas Meets Las Nubes by Hobox - Less Ego, More Beach

We visited the Island of Holbox in the Mexican Caribbean and had the opportunity to spend a day at the Las Nubes hotel in Holbox. We are left speechless, it is difficult to write this post on our blog since the magic of the experience is truly unique. We don't know if the temperature of the sea, the possibility of walking meters and meters in the transparent water, the feeling of being in heaven... Watch the video we made with our drone so you can experience a little of what we tell you here.

You can imagine what we experienced. In Las Nubes De Holbox they have a heated pool so you can relax in a space full of plants and nature, possibly getting some friendly animals that are an important part of the place's ecosystem. You can experience sailing the waves kite surfing, practicing Yoga in an exquisite place on planet Earth, riding a bicycle around the island and getting to know all its spots while exercising your body and connecting with nature. Practice paddleboarding or a little snorkeling. The hotel offers any type of activity to make your experience unforgettable, you can go horseback riding, boating, sport fishing or have a romantic dinner.

Make your reservation by visiting with the code: MEZCANUBES and get 20% off plus a complimentary cold bottle of Mezcamaica. Keep enjoying the good, always.

Look at some of the photos we took of Mezcamaica at the hotel.

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