La mejor opción para tu evento: Mezcamaica

The best option for your event: Mezcamaica

What are you organising?

A wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, a corporate event, a New Year's Eve party? In our online shop you can buy boxes of Mezcamaica at the best price, our delicious drink made with Mezcal Espadín, Jamaica and sweetened with agave honey.

Buy our 100% organic and original drink for your event. Surprise your guests with the best welcome cocktail.

Let your guests dance to the rhythm of the freshness of a cold and delicious Mezcamaica.

Sure, you have the music, the place and everything organised. But do you have a unique drink?

We have cases of 1 litre bottles starting at $690 pesos.

Get alcohol delivered to your home for your party or event, the best catering!

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