Inside #LasMezcas | Javier Morales: mezcar en el aquí y en el ahora 

Inside #LasMezcas | Javier Morales: mixing in the here and now


You already know us for our drinks: 100% organic, natural and Mexican.
Now we want to introduce you to the human team that makes them happen.

To mark the occasion, 'Inside #LasMezcas' introduces you to Javier Morales and the incredible story behind this great Mexican company.

When Javier Morales met Fernando Álvarez, he had an idea in mind: to open a bar in Valle de Bravo where the main feature would be mezcal, especially Mezcamaica.

Together with "Fer", they presented their business project at the Tec de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe in 2012.
They did not win the first prize, but they did win the second: the one that allowed them to obtain a scholarship in the Business Incubator and, with it, the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

In June 2013, they were able to drink the first mezca as we know it today. 

Did you know that you can order your Mezcamaica from our online store, ready to chill and serve?

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In our online shop you will find all our products with the best prices and direct delivery to the address of your choice, in CDMX or anywhere in the Republic.

#LasMezcas was founded by Fernando and Javier, who is currently the commercial director, with responsibilities such as: coordinating the communications team, developing new products, managing digital platforms, among others, with direct contact with clients as its main activity.

"Mezcas are drinks that facilitate the act of living and sharing". Javier Morales.

Through our networks, you are probably familiar with the verb "mezcar".

What does it mean to mix?
Let's let Javier tell us: "Be in the here and now. Enjoy the people you have the chance to live with and be grateful.

To pair with #LasMezcas, Javier recommends…

A book 

Sapiens: A brief history of the human kind , by Yuval Noa Harari

A disc

Kase. O Jazz Magnetism (Kase.O)

A series 

Disjoninted (available on Netflix )

Best time to mix?

“As long as there is a good conversation involved regardless of the place .

We are Las Mezcas, we are flavor

Less ego, more experiences


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