Hoy 25 de Octubre en CDMX: Noches de Mezcal y Stand Up

Today 25 October at the CDMX: Mezcal and Stand Up Nights

Want to try your favourite Mezcal? Mezcal espadín with tamarind and lightly sweetened with agave honey: Mezcarindo (Mezcamaica's party family).

If you're wondering where to go...

Live laughter, that's stand-up comedy, and tonight we invite you to see Caro Frausto, Josafat, Alex Elizondo and Mini Garcia.

For 100 pesos you get access to the event and to Mezcarindo.


Frontera Bar. Frontera 120, near the corner of Álvaro Obregón.

(La Roma Norte)

Doors open at 8pm.



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