Let's have a Mezca!

Las Mezcas is a group of passionate entrepreneurs driven to change the way people drink alcohol. The company mission is to bring people together through delightful cocktails that are ready to drink.

Mezcas were conceived to start conversations.

Because of it´s refreshing taste they are easy to enjoy. They are lighter than wine but contain twice as much alcohol than any beer, and this is why if it´s drank responsibly it will relax but not inebriate like a straight mescal.


Mezcamaica is the conscious choice

because it is made entirely of natural ingredients of the highest quality. The best way to enjoy a flavorful mescal cocktail without any added sugars or conservatives. A perfect alternative to spiked fizzy drinks.


Mezcarindo is the bolder choice

It is sweeter and stronger than Mezcamaica, yet it keeps the refreshing lightness of our drinks. A delightful choice to get the party started.

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